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More About Lisa Gross

“In Lieu Of Nature”
By Dr. Felicitas Heimann- Jelinek, curator Cast of Characters brochure, 2011

Lisa Gross creates freestanding objects of extraordinary esthetics. Her work captures not only their elegance, but also their naturalness - not a coincidence since they are all based on natural objects. She is an object artist in the traditions of the found object of the Dadaists and the ready-mades of Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso. But Lisa takes things further: the objects reveal themselves in their entirety only as the observer moves around them and shapes appear, change and disappear. While the shapes occupy physical space, they trigger associations and fantasies in the observers, transporting them to another, imaginary world.

Israeli artist Lisa Gross finds possibilities in everyday materials
By Lisa Kingstone, Jewish Ledger Weekly Newsletter, January 2005

"Living in Tel Aviv, it is easy to find the materials for her work because "Israel is full of junk." Anything she is able to envision in her art will do: old leather gloves, cardboard in the rain with the soft layers exposed, the mudguards of a bicycle, an old folding porch chair, crushed tin cans, and (because she's in Israel), parts from date palms..."

Lisa Gross at the Hankin Gallery of Design, municipality of Holon
By Noah Gross, New Lease on Life exhibition brochure, November 2004

"For the past seven years Lisa Gross has been experimenting with discarded everyday materials in her studio in Azur, Israel, where she transformes found objects and materials no longer in use into sculpture. These works then take on new personalities often with attitudes..."

Lisa Gross
By Rivka Eliav, 2004

"It all begins with collecting materials and castoffs. Lisa discovers treasures in fields, parking lots and garages, beauty lying in the street. She collects, sorts and shelves pieces of wood, headlights, auto parts, brushes, castings, bottle stoppers, and the like. Every piece of debris sparks the imagination, sets off novel associations. Meanwhile they lie waiting for their time to come. Suddenly, in a flash, an idea crystallizes and she takes a fragment perhaps a missing limb or appendage, studies it from all directions, chooses the angle suitable to the figure or subject and with it creates a new creature..."