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The Artist

Lisa Gross, née Spertus, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1941. Her foray into the arts commenced in 1965 when she began studying wheel-thrown ceramics with Nicholas Prokos. After three years of training, Lisa immigrated to Israel with her husband and three young children 1969. There, under the direction of Amnone Israeli, she studied pottery design, and in 1984-1985 enrolled in Tel Aviv's Kalisher Art School.

From 1972-1983, Lisa worked out of her own private studio, producing and selling stoneware. She expanded her artistic repertoire through the study of painting, with Jan Rauchwerger, and etching, with Mike Dvorkis and, later, with Tuvia Beeri at Tel Aviv's Artists Association House. Her knowledge of the arts was further enhanced during this period through her study of Art History at Tel Aviv University.

In 1996 Lisa embarked upon a new artistic path: the creation of sculpture from found materials. Her innovative and passionate exploration of this medium over the past ten years has been recognized in numerous solo and group shows. In 2004 her sculpture of Adam and Eve (see gallery section) gained especial recognition as a finalist in the International Jewish Art competition at the Ben Uri Gallery (London, England).

In 2007, Lisa's monumental assemblage “Dream Chasers” was featured in the show "Elemental Earth," held at the JCC of Manhattan (January-March). Its 53 figures, each fashioned from found objects, were created for the Tisch Gallery's 24-foot-wide wall. Selections from this extraordinary work, which has since been sold to a private collector, may be viewed in the "assemblages section."

In 2008 "Dream Chasers" was again exhibited along with eight assemblages and five hanging dragonflies at the Sabes Jewish Community Center, Minn. Minnesota. USA.

Lisa continues to create works in her studio near Tel Aviv. In 2011 she completed a second wall assemblage, “After School”, which was installed on an external wall of the Rabin School in Azure, Israel. This was followed by a series of nature-inspired bronze castings which were featured alongside her earlier bronzes in a brochure “Cast of Characters”.

In 2015 two large hanging installations were exhibited. Each was composed of natural palm tree pods; By the Sea, and Turmoil.

Solo Exhibitions
2017- Piano Forte, Window of Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015- Turmoil, Artists House, Tel Aviv. Curator Dr. Smadar Sheffi
2009- Lisa Gross:Surface/Appearances, Ashdod Art Museum, Monart Center, Ashdod, Israel
2004- New Lease on Life, Hankin Gallery, Holon
2004- And the Bones Came Together..., Marcel Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel
2001- Lost/Found, Horace Richter Gallery, Jaffa, Israel
2001- Refound Treasures, Jerusalem Municipality Art Gallery
1999- Dervish Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Group Exhibitions
2017- Exodus, Jerusalem Biennale
2016- Visions of Turmoil Video, New York Art Week, Caelum Gallery Chelsea, NY
2015- Homage to the Red Sea. Janco Dada Museum.
Ein Hod, Israel. Curator Raya Zomer
2008- Time&Place, Sabes JCC, Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, Minn. MN, USA
2007- Elemental Earth, The JCC in Manhattan
2002- Aslaviva, water and the environment, Israel
2002- Exhibition of dolphin sculptures, Tel Aviv
2001- Localities.il, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2001- Sculpture at the Jewish Museum, Vienna
2001- Bank Discount, Ramat Aviv, Israel
2001- Exhibition of Penguin sculptures, Tel Aviv
2000- Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, Israel

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