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Lisa Gross
By Rivka Eliav, 2004

It all begins with collecting materials and castoffs. Lisa discovers treasures in fields, parking lots and garages, beauty lying in the street. She collects, sorts and shelves pieces of wood, headlights, auto parts, brushes, castings, bottle stoppers, and the like. Every piece of debris sparks the imagination, sets off novel associations. Meanwhile they lie waiting for their time to come. Suddenly, in a flash, an idea crystallizes and she takes a fragment perhaps a missing limb or appendage, studies it from all directions, chooses the angle suitable to the figure or subject and with it creates a new creature.

Thus were created 'The Sisters', 'Triptych (three dancing figures on stage), 'Cool', a guy sporting a brush for hair, and 'Femme Fatale', a woman with rope draped head and puckered lips. The mischievous guy with the red shoe is dubbed 'Nasty Boy'. And the amazing woman "Madonna' attracts our attention with her shiny, pointed headlight breasts.

Thus out of debris discarded in places people walk and trample raise the most wonderful metaphors. A car speedometer becomes a face that looks somehow familiar. Lisa's sculptures have resemblances sometimes funny, sometimes pathetic, sometimes startling. Look at them. They have personality they have beauty.