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More About Lisa Gross

Lisa Gross at the Hankin Gallery of Design, municipality of Holon
By Noah Gross, New Lease on Life exhibition brochure, November 2004

"For the past seven years Lisa Gross has been experimenting with discarded everyday materials in her studio in Azur, Israel, where she transformes found objects and materials no longer in use into sculpture. These works then take on new personalities often with attitudes.

The process usually begins with the suggestion of a face, but may end up as an expressive creature distilled to a minimalist shape, or an Assemblages of more complex forms. The mostly muted colors and scarred surfaces hark back to the original scraps and are a metaphore for the passage of time and change. The work is infused with life and spirit. There is also humor, which works its way in spontaneously.

This show features a group of grazing animals assembled from parts of chairs and tables. There are a couple of red sheeps joined togerther in mutual support in their new life together, while some massive chair parts have become a large ram mounting his partner. The geometric shapes create a rythmic connection between the two.

There are also a series of Assemblagess, which represent a search for textures and shapes created from bits and pieces of discarded objects. Scraps, slices of bamboo, rusty metal, sandpaper, and seeds come together to tell a new story, one that reflects the spirit of one who gave them their new life, Lisa Gross."